Your Questions, Answered! #3

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Dear C and L,

 I have been very inspired by the recent renovations you have featured on your blog, and would like to undertake a similar feat in my condo. I was especially interested in the striped accent wall in the boys’ room. I wanted to do something similar in my ensuite bathroom but I was wondering when its best to use a vertical stripe vs. a horizontal stripe. My ensuite is very, very small. What would you recommend?



Hi Suey!

So nice to hear from you! Adding stripes to your bathroom is such a fun and bold way to make a statement.  C prefers horizontal stripes because it’s a lot more calming and pleasing to the eye. I love both vertical and horizontal stripes so it really depends on your preference. You can use either one, it doesn’t matter how big your space is.

Here are a couple of our favorite striped bathrooms:


Black and white stripes are always a great choice. We especially love how it makes the colors of lavender plant pop! (Photo from:


Pale pink stripes make a great backdrop to various works of art. (Photo from:


Seafoam green stripes make this bathroom totally relaxing and soothing. (Photo:


Floor to ceiling stripes in sunny yellow will surely brighten any bathroom. (Photo from:

We hope these photos help! Do send us a photo of your bathroom when it’s done!!