Your Questions Answered! #2

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Time for another Inspiration Seekers Q and A!

We were beyond flattered to hear from fashion blogger Lana Tiotuyco aka Hautepot! We’re big fans of her blog and super fabulous sense of style. Not one to shy away from color and prints, she looks effortlessly cool and put together all the time. 

Her unit is a work in progress but, with Lana’s amazing eye we’re sure it’ll turn out great!

Here’s her dilemma:


Hi there! Love the inspiration seekers! Hope you can give me some advice. I live in a studio unit and just purchased a cowhide rug for my living room. I moved the rug to the bedroom during a cleaning stint and realized it looked better there (so I left it there instead). I dunno if I should purchase a new carpet for my living room. I found another great looking cowhide rug (in a brown color) that I like. Is it too much? I’ve seen “more is more” features on domino that tell me using more of the same piece could work. What do you think? Is it ok to see 2 cowhide rugs in one area? I think the wow factor of a rug is if you see just one statement rug or a whole lot of them. Having 2 in one space might just fall in between and be just ok. I’ve attached photos for your reference. Should I just get a plain or patterned woven carpet in a rectangular shape? Looking forward to your response .

Here are some photos of her space:


The other cowhide rug that Lana has her eye on.


The cowhide looks really cool in her bedroom. We like the how it adds texture to her clean, minimalist interiors.


Current look of the living room.


Kitchen, dining and living room set-up.

Check out our Answer after the jump!

Hi Lana!

We agree that you should stick to just one cowhide rug for now. 2 might be too much for a small space. It makes a great impact in your bedroom and you should definitely keep it there. 

However, we do suggest that you get a nice rectangular patterned rug for your living room. Not only will it warm up the place and give it a nice pop of color, but it will also help define the space, separating it from the kitchen and dining area.

Here are some of our favorite rugs:


1) Rainbow Rag Rug: Urban Outfitters 2) Patchwork Stripe Flatweave Rug: Pottery Barn 3) Russian Kilim: ABC Carpet and Home.

We noticed your cute bar set-up and couldn’t help but search for quirky cool accessories to complete the look.


1) Mirror: Our Home 2) Wine Tool Set: Urban Outfitters 3)Mix Master Cocktail Shaker: Urban Outfitters 4) Mustache Tumbler: Urban Outfitters 5) Gallery Wall:

We can’t wait for your condo’s finished look! We hope you can share it with us when you’re done!