Your Questions Answered! #1

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Anonymous asked:

I’ve been starring at my kids’ room for months. Super girly girl (7 yrs old) Super macho boy (4 yrs old). How do I renovate their room so it is pleasing to both?

Hi there! Shared bedrooms can be quite difficult but not at all impossible to achieve. Here are some of our favorite shared bedroom pegs:


In this room, the area was clearly divided in half with 2 different stripe ceilings and wallpapers. (photo:


Posters over the beds with matching no boys/no girl allowed text is a fun way to differentiate the area. (photo:



Here’s our take on the shared space:


1) We recommend that you start with a wall color that is gender neutral. We’re big fans of gray and white stripes. They look amazing with both hot pink or bright blue.

2) Choose furniture in classic shapes and colors. Mismatched chairs add a  playful touch to the whole look. (Philippe Stark Ghost Chair, Daphne Chair)

3) A bright rug can be used to tie the common area together.


The bold a bright colors and patters will surely pop against the gray and white stripe wall. The side table is a classic which will still work whether your child is a tween or a teen.



The dinosaur print bedding is fun and playful, Its young but not babyish. Identical side tables, as well as similar color base for both beddings (aqua) makes the whole look cohesive!


Hope our little tips help! We would absolutely love it if you can share your room renovation project with us!