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The Inspiration Seekers are in Bangkok!!

Right after dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we immediately went to visit the outlet of Thai silk heavyweight, Jim Thompson in Sukhomvit 93!

L and I wouldn’t have found this place if it were not for my Thai cousins who generously gave up their whole Sunday to take us shopping. 

My Thai cousins Pi Joob, Pla Wan (their son) and Pi Wut at the Jim Thompson cafe on the top floor. They waited patiently while L and I went gaga over all the stuff! (Note: “Pi” means ate or kuya in Thai)

The pink area. How insanely lovely are the prints? L squealed in delight (not exaggerating)

L suggested that we use the monkeys for a huge floor cushion in Little Ms. M’s room.

Gorgeous colors in excellent top quality silk. 
Soothing grays mixed with calming greens.
I loved the chevron but thought that the print was a tad to big for my boys room.
I got this fabric instead with a parade of tiny elephants!
This will be perfect in my new room which will be Warm Chocolate Brown, Dove Gray and Hermes (Peg!) Orange! More on that on a future post.
Just part of my Jim Thompson loot!
We got a lot of stuff from 30%-50% off! Weee!!
Happy hoarder in the Jim Thompson Factory Store.

We highly recommend that whenever you find yourselves in Thailand, get yourself a little something from Jim Thompson!