To Laminate or not to laminate? That is the question…

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Mang Iseng gave me the option of either using laminates or spray painting (ducco) the kids’ book shelves, desks and drawes.  I was torn. I liked the wide choice of laminates yet I didn’t like the price it commanded. 
Laminate is a kind of plastic that is attached to the wood with an adhesive (usually Rugby) and pressed with a hot roller to ensure uniformity. There are many colors, wood grain and textures available. One standard sheet can cost between 1,000- 2,000 pesos. But be careful in choosing the laminates. Some get chipped easily.
Here are some pros and cons of laminates:
1. Wide range of choices for colors, wood grains and texture.
2. It will hold up to wear with moderate use.
3. Laminates are a cinch to clean. Mang Iseng recommends using a little rubbing alcohol when it gets dirty.
1. Laminate sheets are expensive. 
2. Heavy use can cause obvious wear.
3. It can bubble and lift if they get wet. 
I chose a textured white laminate for Little Miss M’s bookshelves and drawers. And chose a smooth light wood finish for the table top. 
Textured white for the book shelves.

Measuring and cutting the laminates.


White smooth laminates for the insides of the drawers. While the light wooden one is for the table top.



I chose glossy yellow laminates for the boys’ shelves. 

I am crossing my fingers. I hope I made the right decision by choosing laminates over paint.