The Paint Dilemma

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Despite my paint color hunting high, I encountered a mini dilemma, what paint finish should I use?!

Here are some facts:

1.     Little Mr. M and Mr. M Jr. have the tendency to dirty their walls with scribbles, hand prints from finger painting, Matchbox monster wheel tracks, etc. They also are so proud of their artwork that they post up their accomplished art by themselves using scotch tape, masking tape or whatever tape they can get their little hands on!

2.     Little Miss M, is neat. She keeps her walls clean!

My Solution:

1.     Semi gloss paint finish for the white walls in the boys’ room. (I hope I won’t regret my decision to choose white!) On a design point, white just makes the navy blue and yellow stripes pop out! Semi gloss paint is washable. Perfect for my little boys’ activities.

2.     Satin finish for Little Miss M’s room. Satin finish is more flat than semi gloss, but unlike flat paint, it is washable. Ace Hardware carries satin finish paint.

Check out this article for more information of pros and cons of paint finishes:


I don’t know where to find the eggshell paint finish. Ace Hardware doesn’t carry them here in the Philippines. Do you know where to find them? I would love to try using it.