The Inspirations Seekers Collection Launch

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Shop The Inspirations is now live!

Its been two weeks since we launched our debut collection for The Inspiration Seekers and to this day, Char and I are in shock, in awe and deeply grateful for the reception, support and feedback that we’ve been receiving. We know all of this would not be possible were it not for our amazing friends and family who took the time to join us at our intimate launch and spread the word about our latest adventure. We sound like a broken record but again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We couldn’t imagine a better turnout and can’t help but smile when we look back at how crazy fun that day was with friends old and new hanging out, shopping and just generally feeding off each other’s energy.

Truth be told, we’re still  surprised whenever we get comments from friends, former customers as well as complete strangers about how much they miss L’Indochine and what it was to them. I suppose when we closed our stores we never really understood the impact it had on others. L’Indochine to us was our home, our lives, our blood, sweat and tears for 5 years. It was also our inspiration, our happiness and the people in it, our family. What we failed to grasp was that it was also a haven for others. A place to get together, hangout, breathe and just be.

With the launch, we were reminded of the good old days– the fun we’d always have at the store, the exciting collaborations and uplifting camaraderie between women from different backgrounds all coming together and sharing  their vision and take on inspired living.

Our dear friend Sheila Catilo couldn’t have said it better: “I remember standing in front of L’Indochine with Leona when they switched off its sign & closed the store for good at SM Aura. It really did feel like the end of an era. But now, after a year and a half of hoping and praying for their comeback, we found ourselves with hearts (and shopping bags) full, in a room of women who were regular customers of this duo called The Inspiration Seekers. We were all there celebrating what was not just our common source of retail therapy, but this wonderful community of friends that grew even bigger yet tighter long after they’ve closed their store’s doors.”

Indeed the biggest gift L’Indochine has ever given us was this amazing community of women who continuously support and cheer each other on. They are who we aspire to be and they are who inspire us to do what we do. We love to search, and we love to share which is exactly what The Inspiration Seekers is all about.

Our collection  is made up of pieces that we chose with great care, love and a unanimous NEED TO HAVE it feel. These are closet essentials that we believe women will reach out for day after day, year after year.

Read on to see our favorite moments from the launch as well as the amazing people who made it all possible.



With the lovely Les Rabinovich of Esencia Day Spa who so graciously opened up her spa and accommodated our not-so-little group of 35 and spoiled each one with a luxurious post-shopping foot spa treat.

We’re always happy to see this sister duo. Dara Roa and Drey David of Collab Contessa.

Editors unite! Agoo Bengzon, Anne Arguelles and Donna Pita.

Boss Mamas we love: Game Changer’s Em Sulit and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva.

Esencia Day Spa’s Les Rabinovich catches up with The Parenting Emporium’s Beng Feliciano.

The Masonry’s (and The Inspiration Seekers’s) Char and Darlene Chiong both wearing tops from The Inspiration Seekers.

Well thought out details make the Esencia Day Spa experience extra special.

Heyjow’s Joana Gube was one of the few who got to nab the Blockprint Kimono. And honestly, we can’t think of a piece that suits her quite like this one.

Partners in Crime 5 years running.

These delicious donut bites from Caden Handcrafted Donuts were such a hit!

Our fave bestie trio: Stella Pastores-Esquivas, Patty Laurel-Filart and Sheila Juan-Catilo.

We set up a DIY Sangria bar where guests customized their own concoctions with Espa-Fil’s delicious Don Simon Sangria.

Joyeria’s Ria Olonan presents Christine Santico with her signature double band diamond ring.

No Inspiration Seekers event would be complete without raffle prizes from our dear friend Joana Gube of Heyjow.

Donna Cuna-Pita here with Little Luli‘s Lucien Villaruz won the brand’s playful basket bag.

Guests went home with fun printouts expertly captured by PhotoMan.

Can’t expect anything but chicness from this one. Anne Bella-Arguelles of Stylist of Sorts mixes prints like a pro in our Linen Coat.

Never not chatting with Sheila.

Constants since day one. These lovely ladies were there when we opened L’Indochine’s doors in 2013.

Casa Mamas. Seriously the most generous and supportive bunch of gals anyone can hope for. From left: Deux Bautista, Gin Samson, Carmel Villongco and Aliza Apostol.

Our fave photographer and really good friend Sheila Catilo rocks the Block Print Kimono with the lovely Lawyer/Producer Stella Esquivas.

The Masonry’s beautiful marble pieces made an appearance at our Launch.

Hand carried lanterns from Morocco adorn Esencia Day Spa’s gorgeous space.

Esencia Day Spa’s tea is an absolute must try!

Lucien looks stunning in our embroidered robe.

Always a joy hanging out with these beauties!

With Chicify’s Chin Joson and Sharon Hung.


Photos by: Sheila Catilo

Location: Esencia Day Spa, Forbestown, BGC