Table Transformation

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According to Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, authors of the book Decorate, when planning your boy’s rooms, keep in mind their need for space. Boys tend to spread out their things—they need wide surfaces for building their projects— lego, K’nex, Gears, etc..

With that information on hand, I set out looking for the perfect table for little Mr. W. I wanted something that would last a really long time, a classic piece that could withstand the use and abuse only a toddler can give. Plastic was definitely out of the question, It had to be wood. Of course, wooden kids’ tables are impossible to find in Manila. I searched pretty much everywhere, my only option was to have one built— until I asked C. Turns out they were thinking of giving Little Ms. M’s old table away. The 3 M’s have already outgrown it and it needed a new home. Score!! 

We decided to breathe new life into it by changing it’s color. I wanted yellow but Mr.P vetoed the idea! We chose a nice happy light blue instead. It’s a lovely hue and it looks great with bold, primary colors.

As usual, Mang Deody’s team did an awesome job. 

Little Mr. W loves his new table! It is such a great addition to his room.

Have you guys given an old piece of furniture a makeover recently? Do share!