Sister Act: Steph and Lady of Boqueria Lifestyle Market

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Who doesn’t know Boqueria Lifestyle Market? These two talented sisters have been on our radar since they first set up shop. We immediately fell in love with their expertly curated items and impeccable styling prowess. Okay it also didn’t hurt that they were the absolute nicest sister tandem that we ever did meet. Read on to learn more about this power duo and how Boqueria Lifestyle market came about.

The amazing ladies behind Boqueria Lifestyle Market sisters Lady and Steph Badoy.

The amazing ladies behind Boqueria Lifestyle Market sisters Lady and Steph Badoy.

Name: Steph & Lady Badoy
Occupation/Position: Sisters, Business Partners

1) How did Boqueria Lifestyle Market get started?

It started with sheer love for beautiful things. We grew up seeing our mom, fix our house, our store, our home parties using special pieces to street-side finds. We ended up doing the same, posting it on our social media accounts and people started asking where did we get those, how do we do it; hence, the birth of our online market & styling services company – Boqueria Lifestyle Market.
2) Why this particular business?

We believe in the saying, “Home is where the heart is”. We want to be a source of inspiration to create and make their house a haven and sanctuary for soulful experiences with their family and friends.
3) Most memorable experience from building/running the business

It is always special to meet our customers and hear their stories on how their BLM market finds bring joy and inspiration to them. It is more than just selling but sharing with them snippets of joy for them to bring home.

4) Hardest part of the job?

The hardest part of the job is ensuring that we don’t get transactional. That it will always be an experience for them whether buying our wares or acquiring our services.
5) Most rewarding part of the job?

Seeing our clients happy in living an inspired life. Creating their homes special even in ordinary days.
6) What are your favorite pieces?

Since we handpick all the items we sell, it’s a constant struggle for us to keep or sell them especially if the item is just one or two pieces.
7) How do you balance work and family life?

To keep our sanity, we ensure that we have days off and periodic vacations. Spending time with family and friends keeps us energized for the work ahead.
8) Any exciting news for our customers/readers to watch out for?

We are excited about our collaboration with L’Indochine. Seeing our curated market finds in their stores is heaven since we love everything they sell!