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Power Couple: Robert and Courtney Novogratz

I have been obsessed with this dynamic duo for 2 years now! It started when I stumbled upon their book: Downtown Chic at National Bookstore. Their quirky-cool take on decorating is something I’ve admired since day one. 

Downtown Chic: This book is bursting with fantastic design ideas. I couldn’t put it down!

The Novogratzes talk about everything— from building your home, renovating and  their favorite decorating tips and tricks.

Robert and Courtney are parents to 7—-yes, 7 children.

Here’s a peek at one of their homes:

I love the wooden floors, the space and the fact that nothing is too precious. It’s a home for the whole family.

Ridiculously gorgeous view.

Such a charming nursery.

They recently came up with a new book which I absolutely NEED to get my hands on:

Augh!! MUST. GET. NOW.

Hahaha! Excuse my obssessive compulsive tendencies. They’re just awesome!

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To read the New York Times article, see more photos of their home and to listen to the couple’s interview click here.

To learn more about Robert and Courtney, visit their website.


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