Real Living August 2013

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Words CANNOT express how thrilled we are to be Real Living’s Shop Of The Month! C & I are floored!! Thank you! Thank you!

Real Living August 2013

Real Living August 2013

Shop Of The Month!

Shop Of The Month!

Real Living August 2013  3

C & L

Real Living August 2013  4

As if that weren’t enough, RL has included our products in several other pages!!

Mark your calendars! According to RL August 15 is "Visit L'Indochine" day!

Mark your calendars! According to RL August 15 is “Visit L’Indochine” day!

Get Inspired: Truly Asia

Get Inspired: Truly Asia L’Indochine Embroidered Pillows and Triangle Floor Pillow

Dining Room Finds: L'Indochine Spun Bamboo Bowl

Dining Room Finds: L’Indochine Spun Bamboo Bowl

Rustic Industrial:  L'Indochine Carved Wooden Horse Puppet

Rustic Industrial: L’Indochine Carved Wooden Horse Puppet

Shooping: L'Indochine "Bollywood" box

Shooping: L’Indochine “Bollywood” box

Shopping: L'Indochine Lacquered Bamboo Bowls

Shopping: L’Indochine Lacquered Bamboo Bowls

Get The Look: Rich Exotic Home

Get The Look: Rich Exotic Home L’Indochine Embroidered Bird Pillow

Please grab a copy of Real Living’s August Issue to learn more about Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Exotic Homes and of course, L’Indochine!

Again, a big thank you to Rachel Medina, Issa Villar, Dagny Madamba, Tala Singson and the whole Real Living Team!