Powder Room Project: Part 2

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First thing I did when I decided to work on the powder room was shop around the house! I knew we had various photos, paintings and prints that could work with the look I had in mind.

Next I scoured home and department stores for chic but inexpensive frames and artwork that could be added to the walls.

Here is the collection that I came up with:


Abstract, Gold and White and Geometric painting done by me. Broadway sign, Bird and Leaf print canvases from The SM Store, Framed Coco-Cola theater photo from Our Home, Framed New York scenes shot by my husband, Elephant painting from Cambodia and Geisha print, and gift from a friend.


Next, just like in little Mr. W’s room gallery I did a mock-up of how I would like the pieces to be placed. (See DIY here).

Now it’s time to hang everything up and add the finishing touches!

Powder Room reveal soon!