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A funny thing happened over the holidays, for some reason, our family decided that the IPAD was the gift of the season and we somehow ended up with one each! That’s what happens when you’re too secretive! Haha!

C and I absolutely love our minis! They come with us everywhere. Compact and light, they fit most of our handbags and they are absolutely essential whether we use it for work or play.

Check out our must-have apps:

L’s Favorite Apps:



The most genius app ever! If you’re the type who likes making notes, lists, collecting pegs and well is a hoarder of information then this app is for you. I pretty much have my whole life in it. From work to personal projects— everything is available for me to view at a touch of button. Another awesome feature? It syncs to your iPhone and laptop for instant backup! Woot!


If you’ve read our past posts then you’d know how much I adore Tory Burch. I have already announced to the universe that I want to be her when I grow up. Haha! But kiding aside, this app is chokcfull of useful information on music, travel, entertaining and fashion.


Special shoutout to my friend Pat for the recommendation. I am now officially addicted to this app. Houzz groups rooms into different styles making it easier for the user to find inspiration. It also allows you to place the photos in different lookbooks complete with notes and comments. Love!

C’s Favorite Apps




I don’t know which is better – having the clutter of paper magazines lying around my house or my impulse purchases on magazine subscriptions on Zinio?

I prefer Zinio to Apple’s Newstand app because Zinio has frequent promotions for their yearly subscriptions! Zinio’s magazines may be read on the iPhone and iPad, while Newstand is normally just on the iPad. I’ve blogged about a Zinio promo before. Read it here. Zinio also often sends rebates on subscriptions. It’s brilliant marketing actually. They contantly tempt you to buy more magazine subscriptions!

Being the oldest magazine reader app, Zinio offers widest selection of magazine titles.

Some of my favorite magazines are:

Home: Elle Decor, Elle Decor Philippines, Dwell and Real Living. I also have purchased Metro Home special issues as well. My next purchases probably will be: Wallpaper and Vogue Living. 

Fashion: Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Preview, Lucky, etc.

Sports: Tennis Magazine (I digress. This is a home blog, and as much as I am obsessed with tennis, I must control myself not to blog about it.)


Zinio’s shopping experience is very easy. Just browse the store and buy the magazines on the app itself. 

Zinio is definitely a favorite and it is perfect for busy ladies who are constantly on the go like me. I find myself reading Zinio magazines while waiting at the airport, on the plane, the doctor’s office, in traffic, while waiting for the kids to sleep at night, the list goes on….

Free on iTunes, but most magazine subscriptions have charges. 



Pinterest was my best friend during my kids’ bedroom renovations. Read about Little Ms. M’s tween room and my boys’ striped bedroom reveals here and here

Pinterest is a collection of boards similar to the mood boards created by interior designers. It was easy to use right from the start even though I am not a big social media user. 

I “pinned” favorite ideas and inspiration from different blogs and websites and organized them into different boards, depending on which room I wanted to use the pin for. When I was briefing Mang Deody (painter) and Mang Iseng (carpenter), I showed them my pins. It helped them visualize what I look I wanted to achieve. Contact them here


Free on iTunes.



DecorPad is similar to Pinterest. It helps you create different types of moodboards as well, but it has a few more features that are useful for home design and styling. 

If you are unsure about a certain piece or design idea, by using DecorPad, you can actually connect with other designers online to ask for a second opinion. 

There are a lot of photos to browse through and all are categorized into room type or paint color. If you find a peg that you like, you can “add to set”. You can also categorize your own pegs as well just like Pinterest. 

You can also email photos, post on to Facebook or share via Twitter. All of the sets, favorites, bookmarks, posts, and looks 4 less photos are available for other people to view. Likewise, you can follow other members as well.

There is a Look 4 Less area that gives you ideas on how you can recreate the same look without the hefty price tag. 

It’s a great app to have if you plan to decorate your home or renovate your space. 

Free on iTunes.




iHandy Level Free is a spirit level application that utilizes the iPhone’s extremely accurate accelerometer. Extremely easy to use. This is a perfect app for people who need to put up their artwork, shelves, or install anything in a straight line. 

Free on iTunes. 

L & C’s All Time Favorite App:



We absolutely love this! It helps us keep our groove on, on super hectic days in the office.

Songza prepares playlist based on your mood or activity. Hilarious playlists include:

  • Getting over an ex
  • Floating through space
  • Curing Road Rage
  • Hanging out in the Man Cave
  • Waking up on the wrong side of the bed 

We use it to perk up our surroundings and enhance our moods.

Free in the iTunes US Store only.