Our Essentials

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Take a peek at the tools we use and all the other knick knacks we tote around all day. These are our ESSENTIALS, what are yours?


1. Lumix LX5 Camera 2&3 Mili back up charger and case for my nearly obsolete iPhone 3s! 4. Mont Blanc Roller Pen from my husband 5. Moleskin notebook for notes, numbers , things to buy lists, etc. 6. Merdy! 7. Domino “the decor bible” 8. Laptop with all the pegs I’ve saved 9. A big roomy tote to carry everything.


1) Ethnic tape measure (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging!) 2.Colored pen 3. A notebook for listing down EVERYTHING 4. iPhone with the Houzz app for inspiration on-the-go! 5&6 Pen and hi-lighter for marking sheets, fabrics and boxes. 7. Sticky notes for peg inspirations 8. Kleenex antibacterial wipes for when inspiration seeking gets literal and we end up digging for awesome finds!