New Project: The Tween Room

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My kids are growing up too fast. Crazy fast. I can’t believe how time flew by so quickly. It’s sad yet exciting.

When they were toddlers,  I got them Mammut chairs, stools and tables from Ikea in different colors. I sent a couple of balikbayan boxes home from Hong Kong just for these. I love Ikea. Such a fun place! One can enter the store without any need to buy an item, and can easily leave with a cart full of stuff! I digress. (Psst… in Manila, you can order Ikea pieces from Mobler.)

Ikea’s Mammut table, chair and stool.

And it hit me. I have a tweener! Yikes! I feel old! She needs a big girl desk. She needs bookshelves, a place to showcase her collections. (My daughter is a COLLECTOR of all things!! More about that in a future post)


M’s room now.       

Our daughter needed a big girl room that can grow with her until her teen years and beyond. (Hopefully until she gets married! Yikes!)

I checked the internet for pegs. My daughter and I discussed extensively about her room’s layout, paint and bookshelves’ colors and so on. It was going to be our mom and daughter project! Here are our pegs.

We will start on my daughter’s room soon. We have to hire a really good painter and carpenter to build the shelves. I will try to document our progress in this blog.

Wish us luck!


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