New Project: My Boys Need A New Room Too!

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There is a NEED to for me to be a FAIR mom. I don’t want teenage issues to creep up in the future and be accused of playing favorites. LOL!

In actuality, since there is already a big mess from the renovation of Little Ms. M’ Room, I just want to fix all the bedrooms and have one large mess and be over and done with it.

So we decided to renovate our sons’ room too. Little Mr. M is 6 years old and Little Mr. M Jr. is 4 years old. They need a room that is still child-like, yet modern enough so they can grow older with it. Good grief! I don’t want to renovate anytime soon after this!

I checked the internet for several pegs and then I discovered Pinterest. It’s such a great tool for filing favorite photos and inspirations! Feel free to check my boards at

I really like stripes, navy and happy colors so I instantly fell for Jenna Lyon’s nursery as seen in Domino’s Decorating book. Just like our daughter, the boys will need good study desks and shelves for their books and collections.

So exciting! I’m now off to look for paint samples!


*inspiration photos are from and domino.