My Home Improvement Wish List for 2019 -L

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How is it February already? I swear it was January 5 minutes ago. Gah! The year is going by pretty fast and I have a whole list of home improvement wishes/goals that I’d like to tackle. I figured that if I posted it online, I’d be pressured to move my butt and actually get some of them done. Haha! I mean, all that late night Pinterest sessions need to account for something right?

My absolute favorite place in the world is our home and I am grateful everyday for my happy place and the people living in it. Having said that, my husband and I think that there are still several areas in our house that we need to improve upon. We’ve lived here for 10 years and we’re still not done (Is anyone ever really “done”?). Without further ado (universe! are you listening?! Let’s do this!), and in no particular order, here is my wishlist for 2019:

  1. Update the Dining Room.

Ok, let’s talk dining chairs. We’ve had these 8 chairs for 10 years. They were suppose to be temporary until we found the perfect ones, guess what they’re still here! Haha! This just might be the right time to invest in our forever chairs. We’ve waited long enough and I’ve seen a ton of amazing options out there from awesome local companies!

Another thing I’d like to update is our light fixture. I think we need something slimmer, lighter and more modern.

2. Fix the Lanai.

1/2 of the lanai. The other half is much much scarier! Sharing more soon!

If I could only fix one thing in the whole house, this would be it. Its a huge space that needs to be maximized. Our living room has amazing light the whole day but the lanai right next to it is such an eye sore that the blinds go down the minute we have guests.

3. Update the Office/Guest Room.

The gallery wall has way too much things happening.
The double bed takes up too much space and needs to go.

Our boys and their friends are always in this room and I’d like to make it as comfortable as possible. The double bed used to be Wyatt’s (my eldest) and now its just taking up so much space. Plus the whole room just feels off. The gallery wall needs editing and the furniture placement needs to be redone. We spend do much time here so might as well make it the best office/guest room it can be right?

4. Install and ceiling fan for the Living Room. —DONE!

The living room before we installed the ceiling fan.
The stand fan that we used to cool the room down when the air conditioner was not in use.

While we have an air conditioner in the Living Room/Dining Room, we only turn it on when we have guests or when its really warm. Our sliding doors are always open so we get the outside breeze but of course that isn’t enough. For years we’ve used a stand fan to cool the room down but let’s admit it, it does not look nice AT ALL. We finally bit the bullet and installed one! More on that soon!

5. Install a swinging door for the kitchen.

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When we bought the house, the kitchen came with a swinging door. We decided to update it and make small swinging doors that opened at the center. Big mistake. We kept on getting accidents left and right until we finally decide to remove it. No now, here we are. I can see the whole kitchen from the living room and I now want to unsee it. Haha!

6. Purge the Attic storage.

Every year we purge and every year it gets filled up! I swear it was empty when we moved in but now with 2 kids and household help, things just multiply.

So there. Its a lot and will for sure be quite an undertaking. Plus it’ll most likely cost a bit of money. But we should invest in our homes and things that make us happy right? Plus I’m always up for a challenge and will of course hunt for the best prices and deals possible because, that’s what we do at The Inspiration Seekers!

Are you guy thinking of updating your homes too? Do share!