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Real Living SPACE September 14-15 2013

Real Living SPACE September 14-15 2013

As if the high of being featured as their August shop of the month weren’t enough, the Real Living team invited L’Indochine to be one of their partners in their amazing Real Living SPACE event! We of course gamely agreed without so much as batting an eyelash.

“Following its celebrated new and improved redesign, Real Living brings another dash of inspiration in creating beautiful and practical homes through its ultimate shopping and design showhouse, the Real Living Space”.

We chatted with Associate Publisher Tom Castaneda and Editor In Chief Rachelle Medina to give us a brief background about Real Living SPACE.

Real Living's Associate Publisher Tom Castaneda and Editor-in-Chief Rachelle Medina

Real Living’s Associate Publisher Tom Castaneda and Editor-in-Chief Rachelle Medina

TIS (The Inspiration Seekers): Congratulations! You guys did an incredible job! How did you come up with the concept for Real Living SPACE?

Tom: 10 years is a momentous occasion, its extra special so we wanted something that would elevate the magazine. As you know, we recently redesigned the magazine, Rachelle can tell you more about it..

Rachelle: Content wise, its the same, as for the layout we made it more streamlined, fresher and with more service pages. We now have a shopping page for every home feature. We have also have a lot more tips.

Tom: We’ve added more product features which means more shopping opportunities. With that in mind, we got to thinking.. how could we bring Real Living to life? Obviously the DNA of the magazine is design inspiration so that’s what we wanted to share with our readers. We invited 8 designers ( 7 for the function room and condo units, 1 for the trade floor) to come up with rooms that will appeal to different aesthetics.

Rachelle: The designers were given imaginary clients, each one represented a Real Living reader. We have the single woman, newlyweds and those with a growing family.

Tom: We want to show our readers what you can do with a small space as well as the design possibilities of a bigger space. Basically we want to give them the opportunity to walk through the pages of Real Living.

TIS: You guys did exactly that! We found all the spaces so inspiring! Thank you so much for having us!

Check out the chic spaces created by super talented designers Wilan Dayrit, Van Acuna, Kristine Neri-Magturo, Elle Uy, Pamela Tan, Wilmer Lopez and Rossy Yabut-Rojales and see what the RL team has to say about each one!

Interiors by: Wilan Dayrit


P1080769 _OCS1442

L'Indochine Sticky Rice Boxes on display.

L’Indochine Sticky Rice Boxes on display.

We were beyond thrilled to see this room! Its always a treat to see our products styled in various ways. We loved how Wilan grouped our sticky rice boxes together mixing various prints and sizes, showcasing it as a collection. -TIS

I like Wilan and Van’s rooms because they’re modern and sleek yet playful- Rachelle, Editor In Chief

Interiors by Van Acuna

The Real Living team in Van Acuna's space.

The Real Living team in Van Acuna’s space.




I like how Van combined textures in his space- Dagny, Associate Stylist

Interiors by: Kristine Neri-Magturo



_OCS1530 _OCS1540

Its totally my style, I like that its homey but not boring. The room is still primarily neutral but it has nice pops of color! -Sunshine, Managing Editor

I like her simple aesthetic and the use of natural elements -Tala, Editorial Assistant

Interiors by Elle Uy



_OCS1594 _OCS1602

L'Indochine's Owl Jars sit prettily on top of a pile of Magazines.

L’Indochine’s Owl Jars sit prettily on top of a pile of Magazines.

We spotted 4 L’Indochine products in this room! Do you know which ones are ours? -TIS

I really like how Elle decorated this room! Perfect for a book lover like me!-Kaye, Staff Writer


Interiors by: Wilmer Lopez


P1080794 P1080786


We loved this room! We thought it was super cool. The mix of midcentury modern furniture with fun prints and colorful patterns was refreshing! -TIS

Interiors by Pamela Tan



P1080803 P1080801


I like how Pam layered a ton of different patterns but it was still cohesive. I find it luxurious and artfully done. -Paula, Editorial Assistant

I like the simplicity of the black and white with a few colorful accents. The antlers keep the room from looking too feminine. -Tom, Associate Publisher

Interiors by Rossy Yabut-Rojales


P1080840 P1080825


Of course everyone adores the “Heima” room. Such a fun and happy space! This is where the workshops will be done this weekend. See schedule below:

Saturday, September 14

1:00 – 1:45pm – DIY Accessories by Speculiars

2:00 – 2:45 pm – Ceramic Painting – The Art of Having Fun
Speaker: Emma Reyes-Pante

3:00-3:45pm – Living Art: How to Add a Splash of Life to Your Space with a Color Aquarium
Speakers: Justin Uy and Joseph Uy of Aqua Designs Amano Nature Aquariums

4:00-4:45 pm – Bottes and Threads: How to Turn Empty Bottles into Graphic Accent Pieces by Speculiars

Sunday, September 15

1:00 – 1:45pm – Decorating with Washi Tape by Heima
Speakers: Ponngo and Tippy Go of The Google Gooeys

2:00-2:45 pm – Ceramic 101: Make Your Own Dinnerware by Speculiars

3:00-3:45pm – Easy-Sew Plush Toys by Apol Lejano-Massebieau

4:00-4:45 pm – Happy Garlands to Cheer Up Your Walls by Speculiars

*No need to reserve your spot for these FREE workshops, but get there early as seating is limited

Also, do drop by the Real Living Trade Fair:

“If you’re thinking about renovating or updating your home, make sure to visit the Real Living Trade Fair inside the Dome at The Trion Towers. Located next to Tower One, this mini-trade fair gives you the opportunity to meet with representatives from JamesHardie, Ideal Home, Matimco and PLDT. But that’s not all… You’ll also have the chance to reserve a unit at The Trion Towers at the Robinsons Residences space and purchase Real Living products, including the brand new Real Living’s Small Space Solutions 2 book, the official Real Living Bookstore”

Real Living Space is an absolute Must See this weekend! Whether you’re a first time owner, trying to figure out where to start or if you’re just looking for little bit of inspiration to update your home, Real Living Space is definitely the place to find it!

Real Living Space is at The Trion Towers, Fort. For more information about the event log on to