Meet The Maker: Camille Francisco-Cabral aka Origami Dreamer

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We first met Camy while she was shopping at L’Indochine. We got to talking and found out that she was an illustrator and graphic designer. We enjoyed our conversation so much that we decided to check out her work. Her beautiful illustrations blew us away. Right then and there we knew we wanted to to collaborate with her. Read on to learn more about this quirky-cool and insanely talented lady.

Name: My full name is Ma. Camille Francisco-Cabral, but I go by the name Origami Dreamer in Instagram.

Age: 32 years young

What do you do? I am an illustrator and graphic designer.

What’s the favourite piece of art that you created? Why? To date, it will have to be my first attempt to draw a chrysanthemum. I drew a lot of floral patterns in the past, but usually my own kind of flow and I tend fill up every inch of space on the paper. And so, this is the first flower I drew that had to follow an ‘anatomy’ of sort, where I am mindful to each petal’s angle and positioning and how each leaf will fall. I had to restrain myself from adding more details. It was nerve-wracking because I wanted it to be perfect (or my own view of perfection), and the amount of space I didn’t use made me break out in a sweat because I wanted to badly fill it up. There is a term for it, Horror Vacui, or fear of empty space, and it’s something I am still to overcoming to this day. So that became my favorite piece because it was a lesson that taught me about careful restraint and planning/positioning, which I never really thought of before when I create illustrations. So now, I am applying that in what I do. The said art piece will be in the project my husband and I are currently working on.


What are you working on at the moment? A coloring book app in collaboration with my husband.

What are your goals for the future both work and life? To live a full creative life with the people I love and with no regrets.

What are you doing when you’re not creating? In times when I am not creating, I read and I catch up on sleep, which I lack in this department very much, so I try to do so when there is an hour or two to spare.

What would people be surprised to learn about you? I am a fan of Video Game Playthroughs and Cooking Shows, even if I don’t play games that much or cook. They are mesmerizing, funny and help me keep awake when I need to work.

Where do you sell your work? Right now, my designs can be found in a form of bags and pouches at L’Indochine. It’s my first official solo collaboration and I am very honored to be with a wonderful brand that I patronize. Its a dream come true for me to have my work grace their line of beautiful products.

Where can everyone find you? At the moment you may find me on instagram, @origamidreamer

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? Stay true to your calling. Struggle strong. And I am serious here, get enough sleep.

Who are the artists you admire? Yoshitaka Amano, Yayoi Kusama and Herbert Baglione.

Come join us today, October 15 at 2pm, L’indochine Mega Fashion Hall as we unveil the limited edition 6 piece collection Origami Dreamer designed exclusively for L’indochine! See you there!