Linear Love: The Stripe Ceiling

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In the fashion world (L included!), they say stripes is the new neutral. I agree. I have a huge pile of striped clothing in my closet! I don’t like florals and tend to gravitate towards stripes, dots, and graphic prints.


This preference for stripes is reflected in my home. After drawing inspiration from the nursery of the son of J Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyon, I told Mang Deody, our painter, that I wanted a striped ceiling for the room of my boys. Originally, he said it CAN’T be done properly because my ceiling is textured and rough. The material is called Versatex. Perfectly lined stripes will work only on a smooth and plain surface. I begged him to give it a shot. And it turned out great!


Deody and his team did an amazing job with straight lines despite the highly textured ceiling.

Masking tape is every painter’s best friend.

We went through 15 rolls of masking tape for this 25 sqm room!

Painting in the yellow!

Here are some specifications that we used for the room:

1. Width of white and yellow stripes: 5 inches

2. Color of yellow stripes: Ace Hardware Yellow Blast F27 3.

3. Color of white stripes: Boysen Latex White (It is bright white and straight out of the can. This shade of white will make the yellow pop!)

4. Coats of paint: 3 

5. Paint sheen: Flat


This was not an easy job. I’m so appreciative that Deody and his team were such good sports.


Hey, it’s not easy to bend over backwards and paint over your head. One will get excruciating neck pain from looking up the whole day. Not to mention the burning arm pain from holding the paintbrush in an awkward position!!! 


Can you imagine Michaelangelo’s neck pains during the 4 years it took him to finish painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling?! OUCH!

What do you guys think?