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It’s a pretty known fact that we’ve been fans of Kultura since forever (ok fine, maybe not forever. Kultura’s been around since 2004!). Both of our homes are peppered with their pieces which we’ve bought and collected through the years. It’s a go to for us when we’re searching for forever pieces that are uniquely Filipino.

For those unfamiliar with the store, Kultura is the brainchild of Tessie Sy –Coson and a brilliant one at that. It’s a one stop shop for pasalubong and souvenir shopping that showcases a mix of both traditional and modern Filipino handicrafts situated at every Filipino’s favorite place – the MALL.

Kultura has evolved through the years, changing with the times. For us, it not only is THE top of mind to get pasalubongs whenever we travel or have foreign guest visiting, but as we mentioned earlier, a great source for well made and beautifully designed home decor.

What we don’t often get to explore though is Kultura’s fashion line. Sure we’ve picked up accessories, their straw hat selection for one is an absolute favorite, plus their wooden necklaces and pearls are just stunning. However, the apparel side was not one that we really plunged into until now.

Hence the Kultura Shopping Challenge! Here are the rules: we each get a budget of Php 3000 to choose our favorite pieces which we can incorporate with our existing wardrobes. We then must come up with 3 different outfits using our Kultura finds.

Knuckles cracked, stretching done, shopping carts ready! Let’s do this!

First up, C.

Within 45 seconds of walking in Kultura Megamall, I found this black dress. In the last couple of years, I stopped wearing color and just revamped my wardrobe to neutrals, black, gray, white, navy and blush for birthdays within the family. (I am still Chinese, and was only allowed to wear black AFTER graduating from college. True story. I digress)

I stuck to my color palette for this challenge. I will call this dress : My Kultura Easy Dress. Here is how I will style it for these events:

Shopping with L outfit.  Culture Dress Php 1999.75, Bag Php 1,499.75. Hermes Slides.

A nice easy afternoon shopping with no agenda with L is always a treat. I always joke that shopping with her eradicates all possibility of Buyer’s Remorse. She is a FAIR ENABLER and will only tell me to buy what I need. I am lucky to have a SIL who is a stylist.

So this is a perfect shopping dress. Easy slip on and off in the stores’ dressing room. I paired this with my Hermes slides.

I also found this really chic straw bag. I love that is structured and has a leather flap which makes it wearable for city living.

Dinner with the girls. Levi’s Denim Jacket, Kultura Knit Dress, Gucci Bag, Chanel Pumps.

I learned recently from a parenting talk I attended that all parents must nurture their well-being to be able to become better parents. And time spent with friends is my Me Time.

So on dinners out with friends, I plan to wear my Kultura Easy Dress dress with heels. These Chanel pumps are the highest I have gone since quitting the corporate world. LOL.

I topped the look with Levi’s denim jacket to serve as protection from extra chilly air-conditioning. I love how navy and black make a great combination. What used to be a faux pas, now makes a pretty chic duo.

Travel and Tennis Mom Duties. Kultura Dress and scarf Php 299.75 for a set of 3. Vans sneakers.

L and I don’t travel together as much as we used to but I still find myself on airplanes and airports. This time, travelling as a tennis mom for my daughter Macie. As always, comfort is key. I avoid clothing with zippers, buttons and fussy details. Everything should be easy for bathroom breaks, loose so I can nap on the plane yet MUST BE chic and stylish. This dress is perfect. It marries comfort and style.

An oversized scarf for me is travel essential, it adds texture and interest to an outfit, provides warmth, acts as a cover  for my hair (L makes fun of me all the time when I do this. Don’t judge! You don’t know who used the seat before you! Haha!)  when I want to snuggle and take a nap. This particular one comes in a set of 3 for only Php 299.75. I kid you not.



This really shouldn’t come as a complete shock right? I will almost always reach for a white button down, preferably from the men’s department. And true to form, this one from Kultura was borrowed from the boys. Aside from being a uniform hoarder, I chose this piece for several reasons. First,  a white shirt is a closet essential that you can literally wear with anything, pants, shorts and even a scarf (yup, you read that right). Second, I was drawn to the linen fabric and mandarin collar, plus the relaxed fit and chic graphic buttons. Its a wear anywhere, wear with anything type of item and here’s how I’m styling it 3 ways.

Work. Kultura Tropiko Linen Shirt Php 799.75, Uniqlo Jeans, Zara Kitten Heels.

White shirts and demins are pretty much my weekly uniform. With a very unpredictable schedule– events with C in the morning, followed by soccer mom duties in the afternoon, my outfit needs to not only be comfortable but extremely versatile as well. A quick change of footwear easily takes my outfit from soiree to school pick up.

Weekend. Kultura Tropiko Linen Shirt, Necklace Php 299.75 and Bag Php 599.75. H&M Shorts, Roam Label Leather Sandals.

While weekends are a bit more relaxed for me, I need my outfits to have the same amount of versatility. A linen on linen ensemble looks polished yet relaxed at the same time. I added a pop of color through this fun wooden necklace (Love the color combo: fuchsia, orange and black and white!) and finished the whole look off with a neutral colored woven sling and taupe flats.

Date Night. Kultura Shirt and Scarf Php 299.75 for a set of 3. Shoes, Mango.

While date nights don’t happen as often as we would like them to, I always make sure to dress up. But let’s be honest, with our back to back schedules, we don’t really have time to do a complete overhaul of our outfits. A quick fix for me and a go-to from time to time is turning an oversized scarf into a skirt. It literally takes 2 minutes to do, one minute to tie your scarf into a knot, and another minute to secure the slits with a bit of double sided tape and avoid a wardrobe malfunction! Slip on a pair of heels and you’re good to go. Oh and let me just mention that aside from having a really lovely print, this Kultura scarf comes in a pack of 3 and is only Php 299.75  FOR THE ENTIRE SET. Mind blown, wallet happy.

The Verdict:


Dress: Php 1999.75

Bag: Php 1499.75

Scarf Set: Php 299.75

Total: Php 3,799.75

In my defense, the structured bag was too nice to pass up AND I was pretty sure L was going to be under budget (as always) and would share her remaining budget with me. Haha!


Shirt: Php 799.75

Bag: 599.75

Scarf Set: Php 299.75

Necklace: Php 299.75

Total:Php  1,999

All for what C said above! Hahaha!

Overall, it was a really fun and eye opening experience for us. Not only does Kultura have a well-curated home, food and pasalubong selection, but their fashion section is most definitely something not to miss and caters to everyone no matter what your aesthetic!

Do you guys scour the fashion racks at Kultura too? What have been your favorite finds? Do share!