Inspired by: Tory Burch

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I am BEYOND obsessed with Tory Burch! Everything about this woman screams chic! She is the perfect example of imbuing her personality and signature style to all aspects of her life. As expected, her home is nothing short of fabulous. Each and every corner of her perfectly decorated pad oozes with rich textures and interesting details. And while I may never have her budget for antique furniture and plush carpeting, there is one charming little design trick that I think can be replicated not only in our home but in each and every home as well— vases upon vases of fresh flowers!

Pretty, bunched up flowers have such a transformative power on a space. Not only do they instantly cheer up a room, they also brighten the mood of everyone who sees it. Flowers instantly make a room feel special and well thought of. 

I decided to recreate the feel of Tory Burch’s rooms by purchasing inexpensive yet, beautifully textured vases from SM. I chose an all white scheme to complement my already heavily patterened living/dining area.

I also went for an all blush pink color scheme for the flowers. As they say, there is beauty in simplicity.

What do you guys think? Who or what inspires you?


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