Hello, I’m C and I Am A Beauty Addict.

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Just a few (I swear, that’s just a teeny tiny preview) of my favorite things corralled in The Masonry’s Jacopo Grande Marble Tray. @themasonryph

L always teases me that I am an oxymoron. She calls me a maarteng tomboy. A self-proclaimed jock wannabe that loves skincare and makeup.

I attribute this love for beauty to my mom. When I was 13 years old, she enrolled me in (gasp!) John Robert Powers. In fact, one of my teachers was THE  Ageless Myrza Sison. I learned basic modelling, personality development, etiquette, and most importantly, good grooming and basic make-up for teens.

I remember on the last day upon completion of my 2 month course, mom took me shopping. We went to the Clinique counter in the department store and she bought me a complete line of skin care and makeup. Everything one would need from start to finish. The works! I got the soap, Clarifying Toner, Daily Moisturiser, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and powder. Back then, I didn’t need anything more than that. I remember being so incredibly delirious with my first ever beauty haul. (The term “beauty haul” wasn’t invented then.) On that very moment, a Beauty Addict was born.

The experience instilled in me a life long love for skincare and makeup. I will forever be grateful to my mom and life-long skin care shopping partner for introducing me to my very first skin care routine. She’s my peg  who at 73 looks a whole decade younger thanks to her meticulous skincare routine.

Mom and me in the 80s.

Come and join me as I go on my skin care and makeup adventures! We’ll go high, we’ll go low and we’ll try them all in the name of beauty! You ready? -C