Foreo UFO, The Perfect Alternative to Time Draining Sheet Masks

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This is the first thing I ever bought from Kickstarter. Reason I got it was because: 1. I absolutely love my Foreo Luna 2. 2. And anything that marries technology and beauty gets me excited.

My favourite part of the Foreo UFO is the amount of time saved during the treatment. Compared to traditional sheet masks, where you have to put it on for 20 minutes, this whole mask treatment is done in 90 seconds. Yes, you read it right. 90 seconds! For busy mamas, this is a BIG THING!

I also like how this is device is connected to an app on my phone. Once paired, the app has a woman’s soothing voice prompting you what to do and she tells you  what the Foreo UFO is doing on my skin. It even has soothing music in the background too. No kidding.

When the UFO is glowing red, it is using Thermo Therapy, which heats up to open my pores to deposit the anti-aging nutrients into the deepest layers of my skin. When the UFO is glowing green, it is using Cryo Therapy, the UFO cools down, to firm, lighten, tighten and even out my skin.

At the same time, it uses T-Sonic pulsations to massage my face gently. It is very relaxing. I wanted it to go on longer.

After the treatment, you may repeat treatment since there is enough product left in the sachet. What is an additional 90 seconds for round 2 right? So I always scoop up the extra product and go on round 2.

Results are pretty good too. My skin always feel clearer, softer, and plumper. I use the morning Make My Day and night Call It A Night masks.

The downside of the Foreo UFO is its price tag. It costs 16,320 pesos on Sephora PH. Is it worth it? You have to weigh your needs: the time consuming, messy yet incredibly affordable sheet masks vs. the expensive but easy-to-use, efficient and effective Foreo UFO? I love mine and don’t regret buying it at all. I  look forward to using it every single time. It is like a professional treatment at home. The one thing I don’t like is the dependence of buying the Foreo sheet masks so I will probably try to make my own sheets soaked with my favourite serum. That will be in a future post, if I am successful. But until then, I will continue using my UFO because I love the results it produces. Tell me what you think? Yay or Nay?