Everyday Luxuries For The Home

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We’re crazy about these must-have home accessories. Clockwise from left:

1) Athens Jar 2.0– Our first Athens jar collection sold out right away and we’re pretty sure this one will too! Lovely shades of blue bring out the gorgeous details of this ceramic lidded jar. Fill them up with cookies or chocolates and give as gifts or just leave as is and prop them on a shelf. At just Php 299.75 you can get one for yourself and treat all your favorite couples to a jar of their own.

2) Pewter Peacock Letter Opener– What do you give the person who has absolutely everything? This gorgeous pewter peacock letter opener just might be it! Totally special, useful and oh-so pretty! Php 1199.75

3) Tumblers– Another L’Indochine best seller, these pretty tumblers add just the right amount of sophisticated drama to any surface. Up the chic  factor of your desk by using it as a penholder or add glamour to your vanity by using it as a makeup brush holder. Php 299.75

4) Ceramic Mixing Bowl–  We are absolutely smitten with this cute ceramic mixing bowl! With words such as mix, stir and pour around it who wouldn’t be inspired to start whipping up something special in the kitchen? Php 449.75

5) Bamboo Lacquer Trays– Trays are great way to coral random items together. We love them so much we even wrote a post about them! (Read here) The bright colors and sleek shape make these trays work for any aesthetic! Php 1999.75

6) Wooden Horse Puppets– You asked for them and now they’re baaack! Our wooden horse puppets make quite a statement. Whether they’re displayed as a group in various sizes or solo on a shelf, these unique sculptures add a playful spin to any space. Large Php 1999,75, Medium Php 1799.75, Small Php 1599.75.

7) Woven Cotton Throws– Throws are a great way to introduce a new pattern, add texture and warmth to a piece of furniture. We usually have one ready and waiting for us on our couches and beds. We love snuggling into these while reading a book or watching  home movies. They come in a multitude of colors and patterns. Php 1499.75