DIY: Painting Gallery

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Months before I was about to give birth, I asked my super talented nieces and nephews to make paintings for my son Wyatt. I wanted to fill his room with fun, visually stimulating images, and tons of bright colors. 

The paintings they came up with were nothing short of fantastic. Whimsical, cute and cheerful, they were definitely just what his room needed. 

Here’s how we decided to display them:

I searched the web for gorgeous wall galleries. I wanted Wy’s wall to look clean and sophisticated yet personal. 

We get  our rolls of craft paper from Divisoria. The level and 3M Velcro strips are from Ace Hardware

Be sure to use magic tape when placing your craft paper samples. You don’t want to damage your walls!

Ta-dah! Wy’s wall makes me smile every time I see it. 


*room inspiration images from