Decorating 101: How To Create A Vignette

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We at the Inspiration Seekers headquarters love a good vignette. We are constantly amazed at how other people but together objects that seem like unikely pairings but totally make sense once curated. Accessorizing a table top or counter is a great way to show your personality and share stories of places and events that you’ve experienced. 

Here are some steps on how to create your own vignettes:

1) Choose your area– select a spot or piece of furniture with a flat surface and decide if the space needs some essential style elements. For example— a table by the hallway is a high-traffic area, placing a miror there may be a good idea.



2) Select a “look”- Determine if you would like to do the “formal” (meaning unified color scheme, similar accessories, symetrical objects etc..) or “informal” (multiple colors, mismatched pieces, different odds and ends.)


Black candlesticks and accessories make the whole look cohesive in spite of the diverse shapes and sizes. (Photo from:

3) Gather your accessories- As soon as you determine your area, look and essential style elements, start accumulating accessories like lamps, bowls, books, trays, photos and other knicknacks that you go with your vision.

Tip: To make the process of decorating much easier or if this is your first foray into decorating your home, it might be best to stick with a theme— say french antique, travel or art deco.


An exampe of styling by theme: Stacked books, compasses and vintage cameras are pulled together by the framed map. ( Photo from:


 Here a variety of books, platters, vases and bowl are used to create a wonderful, ecclectic and interesting story. (Photo

4) Decorate your spaces- Asess all the accessories that you’ve collected and select ones in varying heights and textures. Place the big pieces such as mirrors, paintings and lamps first. Continue adding other accessories and edit as you go along.


A mirror sits behind a vase while the smaller items are grouped in front. (Photo

5) Let your imagination run wild- Summon your creative juices and find ways to add height and texture to your vignette— use stacked books or boxes for height, and crystals, wood, pebbled and uneven surfaces for texture. Incorporate a bold color via a laqcuered tray or vase. 


The bright pink tray adds a fun pop to the all white accessories. (Photo by:

There you go! 5 easy steps to creating your own personal vignette.

We love to see how you style your own surfaces. Email your photos to we’ll pick our favorites and put them in a future post!