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Wine, check! Cheese, check! Stretching done. Its time to start shopping! What may you ask are we so excited about? A new bag? Shoes? Or makeup perhaps? Nope. We’re busy scrolling through Kidoozi’s extensive selection of products geared towards babies, kids and mamas! No matter what stage your kids are in, Kidoozi has products that cater to kids from 0-8+ years.

One of our favorite categories from the website is Play and Learn. A well curated collection of critically-acclaimed educational toys and materials that are sure to make learning and discovering through play, extra fun.


Walt and Martie before discovering the awesome books underneath the pretty Kidoozi wrapping.

Our kids Martie and Walt got to check out the EVO Augmented Reality Smart Books and boy  are they amazing! With the help of the EVO Apps (available at the App Store and Goodgle Play), animals come to life through your tablets or smart phones. Children get to control the animals’ movements, feed them and learn about their habitats. The book and app also feature animated video clips. We try to keep gadget time to a minimum but there’s definitely less guilt involved when we know that the EVO Smart books and App are keeping the kids entertained while making learning easy.

A 3-D Iguana instantly pops out of the book with the help of the EVO app and an iPad.


The kids exploring their new books with using a tablet and smart phone.


Walt got to check out the EVO Herptile Book, while Martie learned about marine animals through her EVO Ocean Book.

The EVO Books come in several different titles from birds to dinosaurs and even bugs. They also have Augmented Reality coloring books which make great Christmas presents!

Here are some of our other picks from Kidoozi:

Char’s Picks

1.Mighty Mind Magnetic Supermind.

Two words— Award.Winning. I always get teased about having trigger words when it comes to purchasing something and the two mentioned above are probably the most effective. I’m always on the look out for well-thought of toys. Play for me is a great way children learn so  I make sure that Martie is surrounded by toys that are not only fun but help form her mind as well. This is compact, promotes logical thinking as well as creativity. Definitely a must-have in my book!

2.Foldaway Bumper Mat

Martie recently started gymnastics and I was on the lookout for a durable yet compact mat that she can practice her headstands and cartwheels on when she’s at home. This Foldaway Bumper mat is perfect for just that. It folds easily, is made out of high-density elastic foam and cleans in a jiffy.

3.Tiger Stainless Steel Mini Bottle Tumbler.

I’ve been a fan of Tiger products for years. Imported from Japan, this  tumbler keeps your drinks either hot or cold for very long periods of time due to its advanced technology.  And because it is made out of stainless steel, you can be sure that chemicals won’t get leeched to your drinks! This compact one is just the right size for Martie whenever she goes to training. I love the playful bright pink hue too!

Leona’s Picks

1.EVO Dino Augmented Reality Smart Book

Obviously, we can’t just stop at one! My boys had such a great time with the Herptile title that we knew we had to get the Dinosaur version. I can just imagine the fun they’ll be having and the precious me-time it’ll give me. Haha!

2. Roller Coaster Challenge.

Our 7-year old son is now at the stage where he enjoys riding roller coasters as well as figuring out how they work. This STEM based puzzle exercises your critical thinking skills with 40 different puzzles ranging from beginner to expert. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be receiving this for Christmas!

3.Yeti in My Spaghetti.

My kids are fans of Pie Face, Jengga and other fun family games. Yeti in my Spaghetti is something they would definitely enjoy. The object of the game is to keep the Yeti from falling into the bowl while carefully removing one noodle at a time! I can already imagine the excited little screams and fits of laughter that game will bring.


If you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas presents to give your kids and godchildren, then we highly recommend checking out Kidoozi! Also, free gift wrapping and shipping await all orders before December 15!

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