Chic Peek: Pebbles Lacson

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HSBC AVP, wife and Hostess with the Mostest Pebbles Lacson (oh and did I mention she’s C’s sister-in-law) recently gave us a tour of the lovely home she shares with her husband Nicky.

The light and airy abode proves to be just as fun, charming and lively as the couple who dwells in it.

The gorgeous light filled living room.

Lovers by Francis Nacion. A favorite present of Pebbles from Nicky.

Painting by Frank Cana

The beautiful console peppered with various crystal and glass baubles.

A charming note from Little Ms. M.

Moroccan jar with sugar mill.

Travel books and Nicky’s sword collection fill up the den’s shelves.

Batu-bato by Bay-an.

Painting by Lydia Velasco.

A modern piece by Carlo Magno.

1. What do you love about your home?  I enjoy the fact that it is always relaxing and easy.

2. Please tell us about your decorating style.  I would have to say that it’s very Asian inspired, clean, minimalist yet also very warm. I like putting together pieces that tell a story. A lot of our furniture was given to us by Nicky’s mom (our first ever Chic Peek Lilibeth Campos) gave us several pieces as well. I purchase things I can keep forever, I’m not a big follower of trends. We invest a lot on our art collection.

3. What is your most favorite painting?  Lovers by Francis Nacion. Nicky gave it to me as a present, it represents us.

4. Define your style in 3 words. Classic, Southeast Asian, Resort.

5. Where do you shop for your home items? I get most of my pieces from my travels and   Asian themed stores.

6. What do you want to change about your space? I would love to get furniture that is more coherent.

7. What do you think makes a house a home? A house becomes a home when people use the space and make happy memories.  

Photos by: C