Chic Peek: Naomi Pescheux

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Naomi with her children Ben and Zoe.

Naomi with her children Ben and Zoe.

We first introduced you to Naomi last week in our Meet the makers. Now get to know her even more as she welcomes us into her happy, charming and light-filled abode.

Photos by: Caren Carlos of Caren Carlos Photography

Who lives here:

Julien and Naomi Pescheux, Ben (3), Zoe (20 months)
Describe your style

“Boho-chic” or my inner-hippie meets Julien’s love for order and functionality. I like mixing things up. wood with metal, old with new. Industrial pieces next to antique cabinets. Lots of color and different designs. Plants and flowers. I’d say our home is very lively and looks loved. Each piece tells a story about the places we’ve lived and different phases in our lives. We have pieces that my husband bought from his bachelor days living in Laos (luckily he has good taste), and our first pieces bought together as a couple, then came all the nursery and high chair purchases. Just like they say an artwork is never really finished, I feel the same about our home. I always seem to have more projects or things on my wish-list, an antique cabinet I want to pimp with bright colors for the kids room, more art-works I’d eventually like to hang on the walls. But there’s no immediate hurry, I also look forward to these projects and feel they will naturally come about once we fall in love with the right piece. For me the home is a place that constantly evolves along with it’s residents, tastes change, children grow and the home is the perfect reflection of that.


Day bed from Jogjakarta made from reclaimed teak wood. Pillows from Duduk.

The beautiful day bed is from Jogjakarta. Made from reclaimed teakwood, its weathered patina looks lovely against pillows from Duduk.


Water hyacinth sofa, side chair and red and black lacquer chest are from the couple’s stay in  Bangkok.  Carved children’s chair is from 2nd hand expat group swap. The small painted chair from Indonesia is made out of wood from old fishing boats.



Coffee table from Bangkok.

Give 5 decorating tips that you swear by

1)Strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Your home needs to reflect the people that live there for everyone to be comfortable. Our apartment is currently home to 2 toddlers so I try to make sure that there are enough spaces in all of our “living” areas (dining table, den, kitchen, living room etc) that cater to little people. They have their own pillows and poufs in the tv area, their own small table and stools for crafting and eating. Stokke high chairs at the dining table. etc.. Stools in the kitchen so they can help out with baking etc.. If you have kids you don’t want their world to take over and you also don’t want the other extreme where your constantly telling them not to touch this or that.

2) Hang art works at eye level. I often notice that people hang their artwork too high which tends to create a disconnect from the piece itself and more importantly from the piece with the other things in your home. Hanging a stunning painting at eye height helps ensure that you create a connection between the art-work and for instance a beautiful rug that lies directly underneath it. It also ensures that all the artworks in your home are hanging at around the same height which creates more harmony as a whole.

3) Address what you don’t like.  I picked up this next tip from a book called “feng shui your life” (how cheesy!) but it actually had a lot of good tips in it like this next one. If there is an area in your house that you don’t like, let’s say your entrance is always cluttered or maybe there’s an empty corner that just seems to be missing something, an eye sore like an ugly vent, or plug that you keep staring at. Take time out to change it because walking by that space every day brings unneeded negative energy. Of course it makes sense to extend this to something your partner might not like to avoid him/her dealing with this small unnecessary aggravation daily. It sounds really simple but oddly enough we often don’t take time to fix the small things.

4) Mini-home-make-overs. We all need a make-over from time to time. So does your home. I love these mini-home-makeovers and do them at least every 6 months. I find that this re-aligns the energy in my home. This can be as simple as moving the dining table from a parallel position against the wall to a perpendicular one. Getting a couch re-upholstered or getting a whole new set of pillows for your sofa. Closely linked to this is the following tip: de-clutter your space. My husband absolutely hates clutter and I am naturally messy so while I hate the occasional nagging that I get when I leave things scattered around, I am thankful for this nagging which forces me to de-clutter and more importantly make sure that everything has a logical spot to clear it away. Clutter is one of those things that can drain your energy (says my Feng Shui your life book ;). You can’t start a new project or be productive if you are surrounded by clutter.

5) Have fun with it Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. That’s what’ll make your home interesting. No need to always play it safe and get what everyone else around you has. It’s fun to have some bold statement pieces like a large painting full of color or a funky metallic container you picked up in an antique store. If it really doesn’t work out there’s always some other use for it. Thinking that live-size lime green horse might not have been such a good investment after all, no problem your kids will love it in their room or use it as a coat rack in the entrance. Worst case it will make for something fun to look at in the guest toilet 😉


The custom made table and chairs from Indonesia are paired with adorable brightly coloured Stokke chairs for Zoe and Ben. The lamp is made out of chicken coop wire.



The shelf from Bangkok houses the couple’s collection of books. They decorated their entertainment centre with books and various accessories from travels.  Ceramic vase with lid is from L’Indochine. Duduk triangle pillows wait at the corner for Ben and Zoe.



The sectional was a compromise and was chosen by Naomi’s husband when she refused to bring in a La-Z-boy into their home.  Julien’s work space consists of an antique table and chair from Thailand.


Favorite Shopping Haunts in Manila

1) Silahis, Intramurous

2) ID Living

3) Market Market! has a really fun little stall on the 3rd fl (I have no idea what it’s called) but they sell totally random knick knacks that are very nice. I picked up a black and white polka dot wooden chicken there that now happily sits next to the herbs in my kitchen.

4) Hunter and Local for kids (check out their fb page)

5) Manila Buy Sell Swap and Bazaars!!! 😉 I am a sucker for flea markets and second hand purchases.

6) Evangelista St is fun to check out every once in a while. You can find some absolute gems but there is also a lot of rubbish.

7) L’Indochine for unique finds like brightly colored serving trays, beautiful vases and of course awesome pillows! 🙂


Breakfast table and  bar stools from Singapore. Gray and white vases from L’Indochine. Framed posters from Paris.


Duduk chair and pouf.

The perfect reading nook. Duduk chair and pouf.


Leaf artwork by Naomi. Yellow lamp is an impulse purchase made by Naomi just as they were about to leave Indonesia. Wooden table and stools are from Hunter and Local, crochet chair from Duduk.




Tapestry from Afghanistan. The wicker basket stores the children’s various costumes.


Where do you get your decorating inspiration? Blogs? Websites?

Home decor magazines (ELLE decor, Style&Decor) and home interior books (usually Asian inspired like Bali homes, Contemporary Asian Living) but mostly PINTEREST! Other people’s homes, nice restaurants and hotels can also be a great source of inspiration.

Do you collect anything?

Christmas tree ornaments from different countries lived in and visited. I have a black rasta angel with dreadlocks from Jamaica, next to a camel from the middle east, shells from Turks and Caicos, and many more boxes full of unusual ornaments that brings back good memories every year when we decorate the tree 🙂

I also seem to collect a lot of baskets and small stools but that’s more a fetish than a collection! 😉


Custom made bed from Thailand. ” I once splurged and spent an entire paycheck on the best set of sheets ever! Have not regretted it one minute.” Side tables from Le Souk in Jakarta.



Lounge chair is from the same furniture maker of the sofa and chair in the living room. ” We always try to place it somewhere where we can enjoy the best view.


The desk and chair are custom made pieces from Indonesia. Floor pillows are from Duduk.



Coat stand is a road side purchase. “I asked for it to be left unfinished. I prefer the light, natural teak colored wood.” Antique mirror belonged to my late grandmother.


7. Tips on Decorating Kids rooms.

You can never have enough baskets. Seriously, all fetishes aside, baskets are an absolute necessity for kids rooms. Great for sorting different types of toys and super quick for cleaning up. Also a good way to store clothes or diapers if you don’t have much closet space. Hunter and Local have some great ones and of course DUDUK has a really nice basket-set of 3 fabric baskets that are great for storing diapers or magazines.

Art. You can never be too young to appreciate art. You can add a beautiful canvas with lots of color or frame some nice prints (remember eye-height). Also be sure to encourage their own-inner artist as much as you can by boasting their own creations on the walls. If they have made something particularly nice you could even frame it for the kitchen or the hallway (every room in the house should have some art). We used to have a chalk wall in our old house in Jakarta (you only need to paint a strip about the height of your child with extended arms). Not only did this look really nice (it was a turquoise chalk board) but it allowed them to give in to that urge (which most young children seem to have) of drawing on walls!! in one designated area 🙂

Cozy spaces. Think tipis, tents and other hideouts! Kids love to have their own space for down-time or hiding out that is just theirs. It can be as simple as hanging a mosquito net or a very large sheet from the ceiling and fitting the inside with a mat and some pillows. Kids love hiding out.

Eye height. Remember this point from my tips above? Now apply this to your kids height, not yours 🙂 I like to hang lots of hooks for them to hang bags, towels, and other things that they can easily grab by themselves.

Mix it up. Personally I love colors and patterns and my kids rooms are no exception. Don’t be afraid to mix in some yellow for boys or some blues and greens for girls.



Custom made toddler bed from indonesia. Bedding, pillow, pouf and basket all from Duduk. Naomi’s husband is a big fan of National Geographic, hence the framed maps.



2 little monkeys jumping on the bed. Ben and Zoe have a go at the big bed. Ben’s room also serves as a guest room for visitors. Pillows from Duduk.



Triangle pillows and pouf  from Duduk make this area extra comfortable, perfect for playdates.



Stool used as side table from Indonesia. Dollhouse converted into a book shelf from Hunter and Local.




Triangle pillow, pillows and baskets from Duduk.


Zoe’s Leander crib was repurposed into a teepee.


Custom made white shelves from Indonesia



White chair from a little shop in Thonglor in Bangkok. Custom made cotton cover and pillows from Duduk. Triangle pillow and pillows from Duduk. The beautiful pastel rug is from Indonesia.


Side table from Indonesia customized with a porcelain knob from Amsterdam. Duduk lamp.

Thank you Naomi for sharing your gorgeous home with us! We just have one more question, when can we move in?