Chic Peek: Mia Y. Marchadesch-Jaranilla

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It’s been awhile since our last Chic Peek.. and we’re back with a brand new one that we are absolutely crazy about! Today we’re launching our very first International Chic Peek– Bangkok.

Get to know Mia Y. Marchadesch-Jaranilla, mom, blogger, photographer and well basically your all-around super woman. Take a peek into her gorgeous abode and learn about her styling tips and tricks. Without further ado.. here’s Mia!


I am Mia Y. Marchadesch-Jaranilla.  I am an expat wife to my husband Jay, and mother to 3 children , Daniella, Paolo and Menca.  We have been away from the Philippines since 2006.  Our first posting was in Singapore and lived there for 4.5 years. We are now  based in Bangkok, Thailand.  We moved here in 2010,  been here for three years now.  
On my spare time, I am a freelance lifestyle photographer.  I shoot mainly portraits, interiors and a bit of food.  I’m also a lifestyle blogger who blogs about anything chic simple sustainable living. I reinvented my site and rolled my Photography, Graphic Design and my blog into one, and is now called (       
Another on my plate is I am a art  collector & freelance art dealer.  I collect and deal mainly Philippine Art .  I recently soft launched my art site called MIArt (  
Dining Cobonpue
We were so lucky to find a townhouse with an open space concept , so airy and homey. 
Here,  I mixed classic , modern and traditional .  Green Yoda chair by Kenneth Cobonpue;  Red painting by Philippine Negrense artist Roderrick Tijing,  and the one by the dining is by Lotsu Manes.
Tip. Convert a dead space into something useful.  I could not hang a painting here so i converted it into a BlackBoard wall.
A chair is still a chair even with books on it.  Chair by Budji Layug. Pink Pig sculpture by Ronald Ventura,  Bronze sculpture by Indian artist P. Gnana of Gallery of Gnani Arts
A Medley of Philippine Art: Alcuaz, Aviado, Baluyot, Garibay, Marin, Ventura.
My quiet corner. I keep guests slippers in that bowl for visitors . Painting by Dominic Rubio , a gift from the artist.
I love horses and I do collect them.  This pair is from a local Thai designer  whose name I forgot.
Adding a big mirror made this space seem bigger and wider. Paintings  :  Small Horse warrior by Jay-R Deleva and Spaghetti by RG Habulan.  Opposite piece, reflected on the mirror, was bought from Bali.
Living room1
The living room.  Clearly I am not scared to mix and match colours, patterns &textures (paintings in this space by Velasco Solon, )   That leather woven arm chair is by Budji Layug,  a gift from my good friend and Design Zone Bangkok.
My work space.  All photos by yours truly,  artwork is a street art I purchased in NY years ago.  LOVE print by MadeByGirl which I won from Tiffany of  Delightfully chic (www. giveaway in 2010.
Carmen's Room
 This room is a constant challenge because of  toys, DIY and school art projects added almost daily by the resident owner, our 6 year old daughter.
Paolo's room
My son, an ongoing Senior, keeps his space  tidy.   For a boy and artists at that,  he is very neat and organized.
The masters BR.  It’s quite small so I try to keep minimal and in order.  A stand up dresser is only what can fit in the corner so I did a little DIY for accessories.   (painting by Negrense artist Guen Decena)
Yellow room
This is meant to be  the room of our eldest daughter but she now  lives and works in Manila.  Hence  this space is now my work room , a library,  Kids tv room, and my husband’s gym.   When we have guests this is also where they stay.
The Powder room. Yes, there is art even in this tiny space .  Negrense artists  Herrera (painting) and Martinez (mother & child print)
I love quirky things .   My latest collectible are these tiny sculpture creatures by Hong Kong artist Carrie Chau.
A mix of things I love.

Describe your style:

I really do not have a label for my style when it comes to decorating my home.  I love to mix and match, different materials and art pieces, fabrics etc.   It’s an eclectic array of things I love, old and new. 

Give 5 decorating tips that you swear by:

1. Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment 

2. Expensive or branded does never translates to a beautiful home.  It’s how you put them together that   matters. 

3. Do Not be a copy cat & never buy in sets.  

4. Give your space that personal touch.

5. Fill your home with only the things you love & never compromise your taste

Shopping haunts in Manila/ Bangkok

In Bangkok,   I love going  chatuchak, not only the weekend market but the whole area  or talats (markets) and expo/fairs.  Jim Thompson is also a good source when I want a nice fabric with patterns.  Or I watch out for second-hand /or garage sales from the the expat community– for sure  there are one or two unique items I can add to my collection    In Manila I used to go Dapitan. I have not been in ages but I want to go back.  I also used to scour Makati Cinema. I also go to  Garage sales in villages .  Lately though, I don’t have the luxury of home shopping when I’m home,  so I  rely on Rustan’s or SM for little things.  I also keep an eye for unique items when I travel.

Where do you get your inspiration? Blogs, websites etc:

I read a lot of Home glossies like Australian Home Beautiful, Domino Mag, (Australian) Notebook, Living Etc, and a lot more . For home organising , I love Real Simple.    I used to buy copies but I’m trying to be eco friendly so I  switched to emags.  I have a collection of home books too —  Domino, Decorate,  Jonathan Adler, Design Sponge etc.  I keep home catalogs , like IKEA, Pottery Barn.  In the web I subscribe to Martha Stewart,  Design Sponge, Honey We’re Home,  Apartment Therapy.  For quick inspiration I go to Pinterest,  Etsy, and look straight into online sites like  Joss&Main