Chic Peek: Lilibeth Fernandez Campos

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Jewelry Designer and Lifestyle Asia Best Dressed Awardee, Lilibeth Fernandez Campos graciously opened her doors for us and let us take a peek inside her gorgeous Bel-Air abode.

Jewelry designer Lilibeth Fernandez Campos

Indian door purchase from Jo-Liza.

Vintage Venezian Mirror. Chest from Cambodia.

See the rest of her house and get fab decorating tips after the jump!


Make use of all your areas. This recessed wall was transformed into a mini-bar for easy entertaining. Chest from Korea.

The den is one of Lilibeth’s favorite area’s. The leopard spots on the wall were all hand-painted.

The paintings above her desk are by National Artist Jose Joya.

Some jewelry designed by Lilibeth.

Beautiful antique chest together with one of Lilibeth’s favorite pieces— the Lion chair from Muebles Italiano.

A closeup of the Lion chair.

Metal and wooden horse purchased after a fun night out in Las Vegas.

Colorful Decorative plates from Vietnam.

A beautiful area rug from Turkey.

Lilibeth’s prized possession— an heirloom vase with papers from the National Museum!

1) Define your style: Asian-Mediterranean

2) Describe your home in 3 words: cozy, comfortable and casual.

3) What are your shopping haunts for home decor: I like buying pieces when I travel. I have decor from Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey and China. When I’m in Manila I usually check out furniture shops in Glorietta and Greenbelt 5. I also really like Muebles Italiano.

4) Please give us some of your decorating tips:

a. I believe that homes must be comfortable. The pieces you own must be accessible and usable. 

b. Purchase within your budget. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses. Not everything has to be a name brand. Do your research, you can almost always find similar pieces that cost much less.

c. Put into consideration the airflow and amount of sunlight that goes inside each room. The cross flow between the two really does have an overall effect on your mood. Plus when you get tons of natural light, you don’t need to switch on your lamps—helps save electricity.

d. Do not clutter your space. Don’t do furniture and decor overkill. If you have too much, try to keep them in storage and rotate your pieces from time to time.

e. Choose a color scheme that you can live with everyday. Something that fits your aura and your personality. 

f. Don’t rush it. Decorating a home takes time. Fill your place with pieces that you love, things that tell a story.