Art Attack!

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Little Ms. M started having art lessons as soon as she turned 3 with Teacher Aubrey. Since then she’s been having (almost) weekly art lessons for the last 5 years of her life. As soon Little Mr. M turned 4, he joined his older sister in her weekly art lessons. Since then, we have amassed a huge amount of paintings. 

This is not even half of all the kids’ artworks! We have tons more in storage!

“Copper Play With Me” painted by Little Ms. M at 5 years old. This was sent to Hush Puppies (retail stores) in the States. It was published in the Hush Puppies’ calendar for the following year. 

4×4 ft. abstract painting of Little Ms. M. It used to be in our living room but I transferred it to my boys’ room recently. 

I decided to devote this wall by our stairs to the kids’ art. That way, the bright colors of the kids’ artworks will greet all of us as we head down to breakfast every morning!

This wall is begging for art to be displayed on it!

But I didn’t want to drill tons of holes and destroy our newly painted wall! I asked Mang Iseng and his team to copy the art galleries’ method of hanging paintings by using moulding with screws so we can keep changing the artworks as the kids get older. Mang Iseng attached it to the wall by drilling it and painting it the same color as our wall. We used nylon string to attach the paintings to the moulding. 

Ta-Da! Here is my kids’ gallery art wall!

My kids really love this wall. They are so proud of their art and hard work. I am thrilled that we have this opportunity to show them how much we appreciate their talent and efforts. 


P.S. If you are interested in art lessons for children, please call Teacher Aubrey Bea-Decloedt, owner of Art Smart School, at (0917)-8784766 and (02)-7886766.