Ahhh… Paint!

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The most fun part of renovating is choosing which paint color to use. Having Type A personality, I of course put a lot of effort into choosing what to paint my walls.

 I used the following resources:

 1) My most favorite home decorating book, Domino (as featured in a previous post)

2)Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors (available in National Bookstore)

 3) Ace Hardware Paint Book. (Super thanks to Raymond Panzo, Manager, of Ace Hardware Mall of Asia. Customer service was amazing. I love Ace. The staff are so helpful and efficient.)

 The colors for the kids rooms are a bit tricky. The navy had to be the right shade in the Little Mr. M & M Jr.’s room. At the same time, the turquoise had to be just right for Little Miss M! It can’t be too blue or too green.

 So this is what I did:

1. Brought my pictures to Ace Hardware and asked them to follow my pegs. They can scan your peg and match it via computer.

I used the stripe textile as my peg.

The super awesome Ace hardware paint guy in action!

My color! Woot!

2. I chose the following colors for the boys’ room:

a.     Nautical (F43) for the accent wall.

b.     Yellow Blast (F27) For the stripes in the ceiling.

3. For Little Miss M, she got:

a.     Rose Sharon (A7-6) for the wall behind her shelves and desk

b.     Lewisporte (A37-3) for the 3 other walls in her room

4. To keep costs down, I used Boysen paints for the 3 other walls of Mr. M and Mr. M Jr’s room since I just wanted it to be plain white.

I had so much fun choosing paint colors this afternoon. I am crossing my fingers that the colors I chose will look good on my walls!

Will keep you guys posted!