11 Ways To Personalise Your Bedroom by: Love Ocampo

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How To’s: 11 Ways To Personalize Your Bedroom



Ever since I moved into my new house, work has been non-stop. After a long day of meetings, being out on shoots, finishing deadlines and enduring the Manila traffic, all I want to do is go home and lie down on my bed. This is why it was important to me that I fixed my bedroom before the projects piled up.


Being a designer, I have to admit that you normally prioritize designing other people’s home and end up neglecting your own. I didn’t want that to happen again, so I really allotted time to personalize my room, since your space plays a huge impact on your mood.


This blog collaboration started when Leona Panutat and Charlene Carlos of The Inspiration Seekers saw a picture of my bedroom on Instagram. They asked me to give tips on easy ways to personalize your bedroom with things that you already have or small things you could buy.


A personal note: I’ve been working with Leona and Charlene ever since I met them at the press launch of their brand L’Indochine. They are creative, hardworking, and easy to talk to, and I loved that. They are the kind of women who are amazing to work with, since it doesn’t feel like work at all. Make sure to follow their Instagram account @theinspirationseekers, and to visit their store at SM Aura, and SM Mega Mall.


Tip 1

Display your favorite quote

Fill your room with positive and inspiring words. Place a quote poster where you can easily see it in the morning. This will be your daily reminder that will encourage you to fulfil your goals and dreams. For those of you who don’t want to buy: write your favorite quote on a nice piece of paper and tape it to the wall or your mirror.


Tip 2

Create your own furniture or accessory

If you’re like me and you like collecting magazines, but have no where to put them, I suggest stacking them to be used as legs or a flat top to make a makeshift console table. I also get tons of material swatches, so I use favorite ones to add pattern on a plain wall, or as a tray for my jewellery.


Tip 3

Show what your hobbies are

If you like travelling, have a map to show the places you have been to, books that you’ve read or display a camera that you always use.


Tip 4

Change the look of your furniture pieces.

I was getting bored of my white cabinet, so I decided to stick a pattern on it, change the color and the drawer handle.


Tip 5

Showcase your life

Display your schedule and plans for the month, your favorite memories and pictures of you with the people you love in your room.


Tip 6

Have an accent wall

Decorate one wall that will stand out which you can keep adding to. I decided to place wire racks above my bed where I placed things I collect, like postcards, bookmarks, handwritten cards with my name, and small accessories.


Tip 7

Get a cool night stand

Get one with a nice print, or change one side into something completely different. In the future I want to display my favorite plants, candles and books on a ladder.


Tip 8

Have a scented candle

There’s nothing like filling your room with your favorite scent.


Tip 9

Collect unique throw pillows

Whenever I go into a home store, I always check out if they have nice throw pillows which I can add to my collection. This will definitely showcase the type of style, pattern and color you are attracted to.


Tip 10

Have plants or flowers

Decorate your room to showcase your favorite plant or flower. Instead of a vase, place them a cup, bowls or used bottles.


Tip 11

Personalize your room

Make it yours. Have a theme. Your room will look more cohesive if it is based around one idea that makes it much more homey for you.


And that’s it!


If you implement any of these tips or thought of other ways for personalizing your space, I would love to see! Take a photo and tag me on Instagram (@_loveocampo).


This post is in collaboration with Leona Panutat and Charlene Carlos of The Inspiration Seekers and L’Indochine. If you would also like to collaborate with me, send me an email at hello@livingthecuriouslife.com.


Styled and Photographed by Love Ocampo