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A few  months back, SM Home‘s Tom Castañeda invited us to design two vignettes for SM Home in Makati. Originally both C and I were to collaborate on the spaces. However, tennis mama duties called and I was tasked to work on the spaces myself. To say that it was daunting task would be an understatement. Two whole rooms designed by just me for all the world to see?! But as with anything in life, you won’t know unless you try right? Plus the chance to go on a pull-out-all you can styling spree at SM Home was a dream come true so I said yes!

First order of business, determine which rooms to design. I was immediately drawn to the living room and the bedroom as those were the two spaces that I love hanging out in. Second, was the paint color of the walls. SM Home’s color partner Boysen Paints gave us a palette of 6 colors to choose from: Designer Denim, High Society, Rebel Yell, Tuscan Sun, Fine Wine and Pink of Wealth.

Truth be told, I prefer white walls in our home since we love colorful paintings and need a neutral backdrop, so having to choose from 6 statement making colors was quite a challenge. In the end, I decided to go with Designer Denim- an inky blue hue and High Society- a cool and soothing green. I felt that both colors would make excellent backgrounds for the spaces that I had in mind.

So on February 8, I woke up at 3:45 am and got ready for my 5:00 am call time. I had 5 hours to design and execute 2 rooms. Spaces had to be done and shoot ready by 10 am! Whoooo wee!

SM Home’s Tom Castañeda and I at 5:00 am about to take on the mammoth task of designing our vingettes!

Here’s what the bedroom looked like before we started bringing in the furniture and accessories. The space is roughly around 8 x 12 feet.

Here’s the space after:

I wanted a nice, and relaxing space with comfortable bedding, pillows you can sink in and bright pops of color. With all the bold statements happening in the room, I kept the rest of  the area as clean and clutter free as possible. This sleek and classic bed in a light colored wood lightens up the room and balances out the black frame in the artwork and side table. In this photo, we removed the reading nook to show the details of the bed and rug.

At the foot of the bed, I placed a lightweight rug and cozy chair to create a reading nook. Not seen is the bookshelf that also doubles as a small table. Perfect spot for perching a hot cup of coffee or tea. Here’s a super tip: The side table beside the bed doubles as storage, you can remove the top and place throws, books or magazines inside. Oh and its only Php 749.75!

A closer look at the beautiful artwork and lush throw pillows from SM Home.

Living room before:

Bare and ready to be transformed!

Living room after:

Here’s my take on a bachelorette living room. Living with 3 boys has made me tone down the pink at home a  notch. Our home is mostly decorated in blue with touches of red and green so for this set up I went all out feminine! I wanted my space to be fresh, inviting and still super comfortable. The perfect space to hang with the girls.

Since I was working with a beautiful sage green wall,  I decide to to pair it with light colored furniture and this beautiful dove gray Daphne sofa was just perfect.

Next I chose a dresser that doubles as a bar (obviously) and a bleached coffee table both with strong black metal accents to balance out the softness of the rest of the furniture. The black standing lamp picks up the details from the dresser and the coffee table and is just the right piece for the space.

For the rest of the color scheme I took my queue from the floral John Lewis throw pillows. I love the mix of green, mustard and lush rose and used that as my guide. The pretty velvet accent chairs are a steal at Php 2999.75 and I have been encouraging my friends to snatch them up!

So there you have it, my spin on a bedroom and living room styled using SM Home’s amazing selection of furniture and home accessories! Thank you Tom and SM Home for having me! I had a blast!


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Kaftan Cool: New ways to style this weekend classic.

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Living in a tropical country allows us the luxury of warm weather dressing all day everyday. A favorite and easy piece we always reach out for is the kaftan. Chic, easy and relaxed dressing in an instant. And while one paired with your typical flat sandals looks good, we rounded up a couple of ways to get more style mileage out of this classic weekend staple.


Jenny Walton can do no wrong. We are obsessed with this style muse and are always impressed with her quirky cool ensembles. Pair classic chucks with an embroidered kaftan for a look that’s more street than beach.


  1. Embroidered Kaftan, L’Indochine
  2. Sneakers, Converse
  3. Straw Hat, Forever 21
  4. Wrap around bracelet, L’Indochine
  5. Tassel Tote, L’Indochine


Give new life to your kaftans by pairing them with jeans that are cuffed just right!


  1. Indigo dyed Kaftan, L’Indochine
  2. Sunglasses, Uniqlo
  3. Jeas, Uniqlo
  4. Sneakers, Converse
  5. Necklace, L’Indochine
  6. Pompom Cosmetic Bag, L’Indochine


A simple color pallet and neutral sandals make a great canvas for statement accessories.


  1. Indigo Dyed V Neck, L’Indochine
  2. Hmong Convertible Sling Bag, L’Ind0chine
  3. Sunglasses, Uniqlo
  4. Tassel Necklace, L’Indochine
  5. Sandals, Ancient Greek, Tilda


L’Indochine is located at 3/L SM Aura Premier and 4/L Mega Fashion Hall.


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Look we’re loving: Modern Bohemian

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To say that we are obsessed with Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors Design would be an understatement. Her chic, clean yet worldly and collected aesthetic has got us swooning since the first day we saw her work. Her modern take on bohemian has us totally inspired. Check out her amazing designs and see how you can get the look!


White walls and, clean lines and pops of color, textures and patterns are a signature of the designer. And while the look is layered, it is never cluttered



Books and mementos are paired with natural elements such as woven baskets, wooden trays and handmade ceramics.


Her design staple of print on print textiles add a well traveled and sophisticated vibe to the rooms.


Wooden furniture keep the look earthy and cozy.


Gold and brass accents are a great way to add touch of luxe while still keeping the look relaxed and comfortable.



Vintage rugs or those made of natural fibers add warmth to the space and are a great way to divide the space.






Get the modern bohemian look with these handpicked pieces from L’Indochine:


1. Vase Mango Wood (Large) – Php 799.75
Vase Mango Wood (Small) – Php 599.75


2. Teak Wood Tray Set – Php 799.75


3. Rectangular Hmong Pillow – Php 2,499.75


4. Gray Spun Bamboo – Php 2,299.75


5. Indigo Patchwork Pillow – Php 1,999.75


6. Box Mango Wood with Lid (Large) – Php 1,299.75

Box Mango Wood with Lid (Small) – Php 799.75
Box Mango Wood with Lid – Php 199.75


7. Hmong Patchwork Stool – Php 19,999.75


8. Goblets – Php 349.75


9. Buddha Box Set – Php 4,29


L’Indochine is located at the 3/L of SM Aura Premier and 4/L of Mega Fashion Hall.

Photos from: Amber Lewis Design

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